Study at the IMQF program for FREE

After the success of the UniCredit's IMQF Fellowship program in 2010/2011, UniCredit Serbia has decided to again this year
pay full tuition (6.000 euros) for one selected student of the IMQF class 2011/2012. That means that the selected
student would be able to study at the prestigious IMQF program free of charge. All students that apply for financial aid
for the IMQF program will be automatically considered for the UniCredit IMQF Fellowship grant. 

The selection procedure is as follows. Based on the results of the IMQF Assessment Exams
in Mathematics and Economics (in Mid November 2011) as well as the interview with the Program Director, three candidates will be shortlisted. 
These candidates will then have
an interview with the Fellowship Committee that consists of representatives of UniCredit Serbia and the IMQF program.

The winner of the UniCredit IMQF Fellowship award has the right to participate in an internship at UniCredit Serbia. UniCredit Serbia is not 
required to offer a job to the winner of the Fellowship award. In turn, the winner of the Fellowship award is not required to take employment with UniCredit upon graduation.

For more information about the fellowship program or the IMQF please contact IMQF program director, Prof. Branko Urošević, at